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GeneaQuest 2020: Frontiers in Genealogy

CAGGNI‘s 4th biennial conference on Sept. 11-12, 2020, will be a virtual event, featuring international, national and local presenters covering a wide range of genealogy topics of interest to all skills and interest levels.

Featuring international, national and area speakers

Keynote speaker: Maurice Gleeson

This will be a rare chance to see this internationally renowned, dynamic and highly informed speaker and International Society of Genetic Genealogy education ambassador.

He was a doctor, psychiatrist, pharmaceutical physician and professional actor. But since his first DNA test in 2009, UK-based Maurice Gleeson, M.D., has become addicted to genetic genealogy and now lectures about it all around the world. Maurice runs a variety of Y-DNA Surname Projects, helps adoptees find their birth families and organizes the DNA lectures at several conferences in Ireland and England.

He has a popular blog about DNA ( and educational videos on YouTube about using DNA as a genealogical tool ( Voted Genetic Genealogist of the Year 2015 by the SurnameDNA Journal and Superstar Genealogist, Ireland 2016 by AngloCeltic Connections, Maurice is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Kitty Munson Cooper

Kitty Munson Cooper is a well-known blogger ( and speaker on genetics and genealogy. She is the author of the popular K-Works segment-grouping tool at DNAGedCom. Kitty became interested in genealogy and started a family history website in the late 1990s. In 2012, she began testing herself and family at all the DNA sites and started another blog to keep track of her family’s DNA tests. The former computer programmer then added tools to her blog that she wrote for graphing DNA relationships. Between the tools and the simple step-by-step pictorial explanations written for her relatives, the blog soon became extremely popular. It currently gets several thousand unique visitors a day.

Her popularity earned her a spot on the rockstar genetic genealogists list as well as speaking engagements from local genealogy groups to national conferences. Kitty worked for over 40 years in the computer industry as a programmer and website designer. She graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. She is also a World Champion bridge player. 

Jane Haldeman

Jane is a Chicago-area based professional genealogist and owner of It’s Relative, with more than 25 years of research experience. She lectures on a wide range of topics both locally and nationally.  She was the national co-chair for the Federation of Genealogical Societies 2019 Conference in Washington, DC. She is a former president of both the Illinois State Genealogical Society and Fox Valley Genealogical Society in Naperville, IL, and the author of A Genealogist’s Guide to Springfield, IL. Her website is at

Daniel Hubbard

Daniel Hubbard, Ph.D., is a full-time professional researcher. Inspired by family stories and a pair of genealogist aunts, he began to seriously conduct family history research at about 11 years of age. After stops at CERN outside Geneva, researching particle physics (Ph.D. University of Michigan, post-doc Harvard), and living in Sweden for 11 years as a software designer, strategic product manager and editor of technical documentation, he returned to the U.S. to fulfill his passion for family history. Daniel now combines his skills in technology, genealogy, complex research, the organizing of large amounts of information, writing, editing and book design to assist clients with their family history projects. He works with a variety of clients on projects including untangling problems in Swedish immigration and ancestry, analysis of 19th Century letters and photographs and extensive research into colonial families. His website is at

Gail Lukasik

Gail Lukasik, Ph.D., was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up in the suburb of Parma. Her mother, an avid moviegoer, took her every Friday night to the local movie theater. That’s where she fell in love with stories of all kinds. Her dream was to be a movie star, a ballerina or a writer. As luck would have it, she realized two of her three dreams. She was a member of the Cleveland Civic Ballet Company. And she’s the author of four mystery novels, a memoir, a book of poetry, and numerous poems, essays and short stories. Though never a movie star, Gail was active in Chicago area community theater groups, dancing, singing and acting in productions such as Cabaret, Desert Song, South Pacific and California Suite. After earning a M.A. and a Ph.D. in English, she taught writing and literature classes at University of Illinois at Chicago. While she is a well-known novelist, she came to the attention of the genealogy community with her book White Like Her, which was inspired by her two appearances on the PBS Genealogy Roadshow and the discovery of her “lost” New Orleans family. See her website at

Michelle Wilson

Michelle Wilson is a CAGGNI past president, founding co-leader of CAGGNI’s DNA Special Interest Group, DAR Registrar and genetic genealogy search angel. She speaks throughout the Midwest, most frequently on Genetic Genealogy, French Canadians and writing family history books. Her latest project was a two-year study of an early McHenry County settler, resulting in the book Montelona Farm with co-author Rommy Lopat. Wilson holds advanced degrees in electrical engineering and computer science and works in the medical device industry. She is currently accepting a limited number of clients in the genealogy space. She blogs at

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