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Storyteller's Special Interest Group - May 2016

  • 14 May 2016
  • 12:45 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Schaumburg Public Library - Night Conf. Room
Storyteller's Special Interest Group

“I Remember Mama”

What did your mother mean to you?

Moms are usually the first and most important persons in our young lives. They provide food and nurture, security and comfort. They teach and encourage, impart values and traditions.

Perhaps you can recall a specific incident that illustrated your mother’s traits. Or perhaps there are a number of such incidents that illustrate just one of your mother’s characteristics. Set the scene: when and where. Who (besides you and your mom) was involved? What happened? Was this something habitual or unique? What was special about what your mom did? Was it special just to you or to everyone?

As an alternative (more generally), recall what your mom meant to you as a youngster and perhaps how your perception of her modified as you got older. Was there a trigger that changed your perception? What was it?

CAGGNI's Storyteller's Special Interest Group is for those interested in the DOING of family history writing and storytelling. Do you need an assigned topic? Do you need deadlines to help get you motivated? Then join this group. 

The Storyteller's group is dedicated to writing family stories for sharing with family members and others. Preserve your family's history legacy by writing and sharing your story.

***NOTE: Our 12:45 May 14 Storytellers’ meeting will be in the Night Conference Room at the top of the STDL stairs; the room has a large round table.***

Facilitator:  Marti Swanson 

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