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DNA Special Interest Group

  • 19 Oct 2019
  • 12:45 PM - 2:45 PM
  • Schaumburg Public Library, Roselle & Schaumburg Rds, Schaumburg, Adult Classroom

DNA Special Interest Group 

Today's Session - Bio-Parents for Peg & Donna: An  Autosomal Case Study

Join facilitator Michelle Wilson on a real-life autosomal case study to identify the bio-parents of  two related adoptees. Learn how the processes of separating maternal and paternal relatives, marshalling support to gain access to locked trees, gathering necessary genealogical records, working up pedigrees, and narrowing down candidates actually works in practice.

Every unknown parentage case involves two separate searches, one for each parent. While the bio-mother in this case was identified routinely, the bio-father was obscured behind an incorrectly attached (wrong) pedigree, mis-attributed parentage of a grandfather, and descendants resulting from a son and his mother  who (re-)married siblings, resulting in higher than usual autosomal sharing among their descendants.

Search angel work can be quite an adventure, and anyone serious about genetic genealogy is encouraged to become familiar with the methods required. Solid knowledge of the techniques involved provides firm footing for those wishing to use related methods to extend lineages back in time with the help of DNA.

Facilitator: Michelle Wilson

Presented with permission of the families.

About the DNA SIG

CAGGNI's genomic genealogy group continues into its fourth year. This group focuses on learning the methods for analyzing DNA test results. We study topics such as autosomal DNA, mitochondrial DNA, Y-DNA and surname projects, X-DNA and ancestral admixture results. We'll also investigate third party tools for analyzing your raw data and comparing DNA and gedcom data with test kit results from companies besides the one you tested with.

DNA can break down genealogical brick walls once thought impenetrable - but only if you know how.

The SIG will often combine short 15-20 minute lectures with interactive workshop-style activities and/or extensive Q&A sessions..  

Get ready to put your DNA results to work for you!

Facilitators Dr. David Stumpf and Alan Wilson

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